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Short-term Program

Introduce the Apicius Short Progrmas

Apicius Korea offers Study abroad and Amateur short programs.

3, 6, 9 weeks short programs for professionals

This program can be extended to 9 weeks, including 3-week and 6-week programs for those who dream of being a professional or studying in-depth Italian cuisine.

Unless you can possibly attend 1 full year career program, this short program can be a perfect alternative, which leads you to participate in 3 weeks in our career program starting from spring semester 2019

If you want to take courses in Italy, Apicius Florence, please contact Apicius Korea.

This course covers a variety of topics which are Italian traditional foods, regional foods, wine and Italian classic techniques of baking as well as basic of cooking. Especially, Apicius Korea offers opportunities to learn Italian food culture and its manners.