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Introduction of APICIUS


Apicius, founded as a college of fUA in 1997, is the first culinary school in Italy to be certified by WACS for high-quality culinary education.

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    FUA, which follows the same education system as the University of South Florida in the United States, has taught all courses in English including Apicius. We Apicius are doing our best to create an international educational environment based on cooperation with more than 150 foreign universities including the United States.

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    Apicius faculty members have long experience working as chief chefs in Michelin-starred restaurants and prominent Italian hotels, and have been in the spotlight at a number of international events.

    Their ceaseless study of the philosophy and academic theories of cooking arts, thorough management of practice, and teaching methods, give the students their attitude and spirit as true culinary experts, not just as schools for culinary arts education.

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    Global certification

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    Apicius has an equal credit system that is certified by American college education institutions. As a school certified for the best-quality cooking, Apicius awards students WACS(World Association Chefs’ Societies) second-tier cook certificate of the second-grade cooking course and the third-grade master course upon graduation.


Apicius is the only school in Italy that has its own on-site education system where students can experience their future jobs in advance and communicate directly with customers through the on-site hands-on curriculum. In addition, all courses are conducted in English, and the regular curriculum receives university credit.


Apicius aims to reinterpret and develop the hospitality service industry in line with the modern paradigm, providing both theoretical and practical education in the heart of Florence, Italy's unique cultural center.
Based on various educational programs and high-level curricula, we aim to grow into a top-notch professional by allowing students to experience the overall food and culture service of Hospitality in tune with today's dynamic flow of society.


Apicius systematically educates the overall food culture of cooking, baking & pasty, wine, and hospitality, and the expertise needed in tourism and service industries.
And in order to lead communication actively with the public as a professional in the future,
Apicius conduct extensive and diverse practical esperience education in each field related to the major under the guidance of professors and experts.


Apicius provides the best educational environment for students to learn their passion for their jobs, their professional qualities, and expand their horizons around the world to dream of their future. By integrating on-site training opportunities into the curriculum, Apicius strengthens the concept of technology learning and provides various cultural experience projects to actively experience Italian society including Florence.

In addition, there are various education programs including lectures, workshops, and seminars for students to participate in various academic exhibitions.