관리자 메일

Preparing for an application for admission

Application qualification

- a high school graduate or graduated person and has the equivalent qualifications.
- Grade 5 or higher in high school.

Submit application

Required documents other than application forms
Resume (photo attached), self-introduction letter, Personal information provision consent, a passport copy, final certificate of education, transcript

Download the application form
Submission method
Visit : 88-1, Baegyang-ro, Jung-gu, Ulsan, Republic of Korea
E-mail : info@apiciuskorea.co.kr
Telephone : T 052-245-1498 / M 010-4480-1498 / F 052-244-1498
*The submitted documents will not be returned, and admission will be canceled if the contents of the application turn out to be false.

Entrance procedures and announcement of successful applicants

submitting application - interview - announcement of successful applicant - orientation- opening a course

Submit confirmation
- Once an application is received, check the submission by wire or email.
- Additional submission document guidance (Submission within a week of the application date)
Sending admission confirmation information by-mail
If accepted, Issuing an application certificate and consent form for admission procedures
- Submit an consent form for admission procedures with autographed
- payment of admission fee (within a week of the date of sending the application confirmation)
- payment of tuition (a month before the opening of school)

School beginning after orientation

- receiving recipe, uniform and toolset
- having a thorough knowledge of the rules of the school
- issuance of tuition receipts

Receipts issued are not valid for tax deductions. To receive tax deductions, you must apply for a separate education payment certificate.